Frequently asked


Do you sell your products in a physical shop?

Not yet. Currently, our products can only be
purchased through the online shop but we are working on other solutions as well

To which countries are you delivering?

At the moment we are just delivering to places within Denmark but we are working on increasing our delivery options soon!

How long do your products last?

Our products like to be stored in a cool and dry place away from heat and direct sunlight.
Within these conditions they have a shelf life of approx. seven months.

What do I do if there’s something wrong with my product?

This shouldn’t happen! Let us know
immediately and send a mail to

We will find a solution 😊

Frequently asked questions


How can I reach you?

We are always open for questions! Write us at or check out our social media channels and leave us a message or a comment there!
We love to get in touch with you!

Who is behind the idea and the brand of clean noodles?

Nice of you to ask 😉
Let us introduce ourselves:

We are Mikkel, Jacob and Jakob and we had the idea to create an easy but healthy meal that tastes delicious and has good organic ingredients at the same time. And we have to say: Our cup noodles turned out pretty amazing!
And now we have Antonia on board and together we form the Clean Noodles team 😊

Where is clean noodles based at?

Our head office is based in Copenhagen and all our production takes place in Denmark as well!

Frequently asked questions


Are your products vegan?

Yes all our product are vegan! We only use 100% plant-based ingredients for our noodles 😊

What protein do you use for your noodles?

Good question 😉 We use a mix of pea and bean protein for our noodles – so you are provided with a high amount of plant-based protein for those muscles to grow!!

Are your products organic?

We are proud to say: yes!!
All our ingredients are grown and farmed without the use of artificial chemicals, antibiotics and hormones!

What makes your cup noodles so different?

You mean besides being super delicious? 😉 Our noodles consists, unlike conventional cup noodles, only of organic ingredients. They are particularly high in protein and we chose a larger package size which will be able to satisfy your hunger and give you the energy you need!